What mums actually want on Mother’s Day

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As much as I’d love a surprise spa break, I’m not really expecting anything on Mother’s Day. I’m not one for posh jewellery or grand gestures because it’s actually the small things that make me happy these days. My children are still young (1 and 3) so it’s down to my husband to remember to get a card from the kids and hopefully bring me a cup of tea in bed. 

I asked some lovely mums what’s top of their wish-list for Mother’s Day and I have to say these sum up my perfect Mother’s Day. Think of this as a public service notice for dads who need it – so feel free to print this and give it to him, stick it up on the fridge or leave it on his pillow to make sure he gets the hint. 

Nat, founder of Fred & Noah writes “top of my wish list for Mother’s Day is breakfast in bed, all 4 of us! Nothing more. I like simple things like a handmade card and something they’ve made me out of Lego.” 

Fred & Noah

Emma, editor of Positive Wellbeing Zine, loves “having my choice of programme from Netflix, rather than Hey Duggee.” Don’t we all wish for that, even if it’s just for Mother’s Day? 

Ruth, the mum behind Ink and Scribbles, thinks “motherhood is a challenging 24/7 role and I love it. But I’m also busier than when I worked full-time before children, more emotionally stretched and more anxious. A little display of appreciation for all I do and a little headspace is all I want for Mother’s Day. Someone making me my morning coffee, someone to say thank you for being you and an hour alone in the house so I can sit in the moment would be perfect.”

Gemma, the ‘strong girl’ behind Muthahood, believes “Mother’s Day is about the simple things; the gestures and the hugs. I personally, mainly dream of a bit of a lie in and then all I really want is a cup of tea, a morning hug and then to hear the girls say ‘I love you’ more than I hear ‘Can I have sweeties.'”  


Antonia, small business owner behind Tailor Made Living Store, tells me her “perfect Mother’s Day would include a cup of tea brought up to me in bed along with lots of cuddles from my girls who are less willing to dish them out now they are teenagers. I’d like to follow that up with Sunday brunch which is my absolute favourite meal in the whole wide world! Then I’d like a long soak in the bath which to me is the ultimate luxury.”

Chloe, founder of Mama Journals, says “top of my wish list for Mother’s Day is for my three year old and I to have a nice photo taken together. If he is looking at the camera then I’d be happy but even better if he can manage a smile rather than this default tongue or bottom lip being stuck out! I love adding annual photos like this in to his memory journal and it’s actually building this up and then being able to look back through it every now and then to see how much he’s changing every year that makes me happy. Hubby – in case you’re reading this, a bunch of flowers and a homemade card are probably a wise back-up plan…!” 

Anna, editor of Motherdom loves receiving flowers on Mother’s Day. She told me “I’m a sucker for beautiful colours and smell. And – bonus, nature is beneficial for your mental health. Check out Motherdom Issue 4 to find out why!” 

Of course I can’t end this blog post without mentioning our new Mother’s Day Box. Today is the launch of our first ever Mother’s Day Box, a gift that is entirely about spoiling mums with some goodies and encouraging you to take some time for yourself. When I was putting this gift box together, I wanted it to be indulgent, thoughtful and comforting. I picked classic treats to help you relax, sleep well and encourage you to put your feet up – so I’ve gone for tea, chocolate and Spacemasks. What could be more relaxing than this combination? Whether you’re looking for a gift for your mum that shows how much you appreciate her or whether your partner needs a heavy hint, we hope our Mother’s Day Box will tick all the right boxes. 

The Mother's Day Box


Thank you to all the women who contributed to this blog post. You can order your Mother’s Day Box for delivery within 1-3 days or pre-order your box and we’ll send it just before Mother’s Day (Sunday 22nd March). Photo is from Canva. 

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