Welcome to Mum’s The Word…

Welcome to Mum's The Word...

I told myself I wasn’t going to start a blog. And here I am, starting a blog. Why? Because we all struggle sometimes, we all find this motherhood thing hard, we all need to vent. We’re riding this rollercoaster together, maybe at different times but we understand that sometimes it’s good to share the ups and downs. 

Sometimes when you’re having a really crap day with a 1 year old who won’t stop clinging to your left leg, even when you’re on the loo and you read that another mum is having an equally shit day, it helps. That’s what this blog aims to do – lighten the load. 

Sara Vickery-Bragg, founder of Seventeen Minutes

If you don’t know me, I’m Sara. Wife to an Aussie, mum to Max (3) and Olivia (1 going on 11), founder of Seventeen Minutes and avid hot chocolate drinker. I love hot baths, binging on a good TV boxset, hot baths, sleep and believe we all need some guilt-free time to ourselves without the kids. I started Seventeen Minutes because being a mum is brilliant but bloody hard, and we deserve time to ourselves just to be ‘us.’ The business started as a seasonal self-care subscription box; I hoped that mums would treat themselves but showing just how amazing women really are, I quickly found that customers were sending self-care packages as gifts rather than treating themselves. So I started putting together gift boxes for all kinds of reasons and I’m happy to say customers are loving them. 

I read that the average mum gets only 17 minutes of time to herself a day and I thought, hang on, that’s ridiculous. We deserve so much more! But if 17 minutes is the most we get, then we deserve to make the most of it. Encouraging mums to take some time out is the inspiration behind every gift box. 


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