Take a money minute with Financielle

Take a money minute with Financielle

How do you feel when you look at your bank account? Are you peeping through one eye and praying it’s not a minus number, or do you know exactly where your finances are up to?

As a grown-up money is often a cause of stress and uncertainty, from the language, scary looking letters and amount of incomings – and even more outgoings – it can be overwhelming, and ignoring it can feel like the easy option…

But, the Financielle app is here to help, the money app for women allows you to easily take back control, set up budgets and sinking funds – and understand all the lingo!

A sinking fund is simply a savings pot, money you put aside for a holiday, shopping spree, Christmas. Not good at saving? Don’t worry, by creating a budget, even just knowing your numbers, means you can see where you can start.

Set up by women, for women Financielle provides hints, tips and a community of likeminded women who have taken control and taken one more (potentially huge!) item off the mental load list!

We spoke to Holly Holland, one of Finacialle’s Founders, and asked her to tell you why it’s so important to take a money minute to get your head around your finances:

It’s easy to understand how women have little time to take back control of their money which is why we’re encouraging you to “take a money minute”. This means carving out only a minute of your day to check in with your numbers.

Many people don’t engage with their personal finances, they just hope and pray they’ll get to the end of the month in the black and unscathed but what if there was another way?

What if we told you that by checking in on your money once a day for one minute, you can build financial wellness and resilience. Seeing how your current account looks from one day to the next can help you be more mindful of how you spend your money, focus on your financial goals and more importantly make progress towards them.

Women account for 85% of the world’s spending but not the world’s wealth. Females in the family often shoulder the responsibility of unpaid labour around the home, they take on both the physical housework but also the mental load of logistics, meal planning and budgeting. These things take up precious headspace in our minds forcing us to focus on money decisions in the here and now. We don’t have the luxury of long term financial planning for our pensions or investments unlike our husbands, brothers, male friends and colleagues

If you are in a couple it’s important to be on the same page when it comes to your finances. This doesn’t necessarily mean joining up your funds and accounts, it could just be taking a moment each day to check in with each other to see how you’re progressing and feeling when it comes to your money.

It’s unrealistic to be an expert in all areas of personal finance, we encourage our community to know just enough. Enough to keep you out of consumer debt, enough to budget month to month and enough to ensure you are set up for a positive retirement.

If you do one thing in your seventeen minutes today, make sure it’s checking in with your numbers by taking a money minute.

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Thank you Holly.
Please note this blog post has been written in association with Financielle to help you get a hold of your money. This is not a #ad, we just love it!

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