Surviving a heatwave – cold brews & cocktails

Surviving a heatwave - cold brews & cocktails

Those who know me know I am a tea girl! No sugar and the tiniest bit of milk and I’m in heaven. Then summer comes and I never know what to drink, tea is too hot, and water can get so boring so when Kate suggested I try some of our amazing Bird & Blend tea bags as a cold brew I jumped at the chance. 

First, I had to choose a flavour, I eventually settled on Strawberry Lemonade, which promises a ‘hydrating, low sugar treat packed with real strawberry chunks and zesty lemon peel’. Turns out this was the hardest part (too many gorgeous flavours) as all I had to do next was add two tea bags to 500ml of cold water and leave it to brew overnight in my water bottle. The next morning, I decided to leave the tea bags in so I kept the flavour going – but you can take them out – and was ready to go! The result was a refreshing flavoursome drink with no bitterness (my worry) but not overtly sweet, although you can add honey if it isn’t sweet enough, but as I don’t like cordial because it is too sweet this was perfect for me.

Surviving a heatwave - cold brews & cocktails
Choose your tea
Surviving a heatwave - cold brews & cocktails
Add the teabags to your water bottle
Surviving a heatwave - cold brews & cocktails
Leave in the fridge, ideally overnight

As a busy mum of three this is ideal, I am constantly on the go and guilty of grabbing a sugary drink throughout the day when I realise, I haven’t had a drink for ages so having this prepped and on my desk each day has meant that I have been drinking more water which in this weather is so important. But even when we’re not in a heatwave the benefits of keeping hydrated are huge, and so beneficial to us – more energy, more concentration, less headaches, better skin, less hungry – you get the idea!

And, as if that wasn’t enough, I then found out that you can turn your cold brew into a cocktail! Now there is a drink I can get very excited about! So, I chose the Moji-Tea this time to mix things up a bit and I wasn’t disappointed. Again, it was super simple, I just made my cold brew as usual (it’s part of my routine now) and added it to a cocktail shaker which contained ice, juice from half a lime and 50ml of rum. After shaking it well I served it in a glass with a few mint leaves – delicious!

Surviving a heatwave - cold brews & cocktails
Image for display purposes – the actual drink wasn’t around long enough for photos!

Safe to say I am now a convert to cold brews (and the cocktails I can make with them) but don’t worry come winter I’ll be back on my builders brews, (so don’t forget how I like it Kate! 😊) with a bottle of cold brew alongside it!

Surviving a heatwave - cold brews & cocktails

Look cool – and keep your drink cool too!

Our insulated water bottles will keep your drink cool for longer AND no-one can steal your cold brew when it has your name on it!

Choose your favourite colour from our range of bottles and add a contrasting colour for the best effect. Check out the photos for the range – which is your favourite?

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