Stockist feature: Hello Sweetie

Stockist feature: Hello Sweetie

Such a big (and our favourite!) part of our job is finding the best gifts for you to send, and introducing you to independent businesses that we support through our gift boxes.

We asked Laura Jayne founder of Hello Sweetie to tell us a bit more about herself, her business, and how she spends her seventeen minutes of down time, when she gets it!

Tell us about yourself

I’m Laura Jayne, founder of Hello Sweetie. I’m originally from Southport where I grew up. I then moved to London and I now live in Manchester with my other half, Jon, and our 4-year-old little boy Freddie. I love Galaxy chocolate & spaghetti hoops on toast! I have a phobia of balloons!  I always wanted to be the 6th member of the Spice girls and I’m a HUGE Bruce Springsteen fan!

Hello Sweetie, was established in 2015 and we now supply our stock to over 50 independent stockists all over the UK. 

I have always had a love for paper and anything creative from the moment I could pick up a pencil and draw. After studying Art & Design at College and Fashion Design at University, I went on to become a Footwear Designer for 10 years. My love for fashion and travel has always heavily influenced my work so I started making handmade cards as a hobby along side working as a full time Footwear Designer. This reminded me of my childhood and my passion for working with paper, so, I wanted to make a change… I think many of us have moments in time where we feel that life has been leading us to a moment (or direction) all along… Hello Sweetie is one of those life transitions for me…

Where did the business idea come from?

My inspiration comes from life, travel and people. I always feel inspired by what and who is around me. Life is an inspiration! People are in inspiration! I have been lucky enough to travel the world during my time as a Footwear Designer so I was constantly inspired and I continue to take my inspirations forward when designing new products for Hello Sweetie. My passion for design plays a huge part in my life. My love for Craft & Vintage fairs, paper and materials, music & my family are all inspirational to Hello Sweetie.

The name Hello Sweetie actually comes from myself and my Mum imitating two characters from one of our favourite TV programs: Absolutely Fabulous. My Mum has called me Sweetie for as long as I can remember and every time I receive a greeting card, text message or phone call, from my Mum, she always starts with Hello Sweetie! It then came to me, and I thought, what a great brand name this could be!  It is also a lovely gesture to my Mum and for this reason, Hello Sweetie, was born…

Hello Sweetie offers a thoughtful & unique range of greeting cards, Positivity Bottles & Wall prints. All our products are designed, made & printed, in house, by me.  My mission is to encourage long distance ‘thoughtfuls’ through snail mail. Positive, heartfelt & original designs, with inspiring sentiments, are Hello Sweetie’s specialty.

Hello Sweetie also offers a bespoke design service for Wedding Stationary including Wedding Invitations, Save The Date cards & Wedding Favours. 

All our cards are designed & printed using highest quality recycled card.

All our products are designed from the heart and soul with a connection to everyday & real-life happenings that a customer can relate to. Hello Sweetie continues to bring a smile to your day without ever growing positive collection of cards & Positivity Bottles…

So what do you do to relax?

As I’m sure some of you know, being a Mum, can be very full on so finding time for some “me time” can sometimes be difficult. However, I have realised that YOU CAN always find time, even if it’s 10 mins! Since Freddie was 6 months old, I have always made sure I do at least 10 mins of exercise a day and go out for a walk! Rain or shine! A brisk walk in the woods or park immediately makes me feel so much better as does doing a quick 10-minute Hit workout! I always start the day of by reading a positive quote and writing down 3 things I am thankful for. I find this helps kick start my day in a positive way! To wind down I try to switch off by reading in the evening which helps a lot! I work a lot of evenings, so I find it hard to switch off before I go to sleep. Reading always helps.

I have found my journey into motherhood exhausting (lol) & positively life changing! Those early days/months are a bit of a blur now and they really do grow up too fast! Freddie is now 4 years old, and he literally lights up the house! No 2 days are the same and he makes us laugh every single day! Don’t get me wrong, I have found it overwhelming at times and I worry about Freddie every day, but I love being a Mum and the journey you go on and watching your child grow and learn is just fascinating.

Stockist feature: Hello Sweetie
Mum-to-be Box

Thank you so much Laura Jayne, we love these gorgeous bottles and it’s so lovely to hear how the business came about. And we’re so glad you are making time for you in the crazy! You can find all of the products on the Hello Sweetie website.

We stock a range of Hello Sweeties Positivity Bottles that can be added to our Create Your Own Boxes as well as Mum To Be box as a lovely keepsake and reminder to stay positive.

Each bottle comes in its own hessian bag to protect it during delivery.

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