Make your wellbeing a priority in the lead up to Christmas

Make your wellbeing a priority in the lead up to Christmas

We know all too well how busy life can become this time of year, and- as a result- how quickly your wellbeing can decline at the expense of making it the ‘perfect’ Christmas.

From present buying to Christmas food ordering, school plays to booking grotto visits, not to mention financial pressure, school holidays, visiting family, festive days out and oh yes keeping on top of the house too… phew.

The overwhelm can so easily creep in and, before you know it, you’re wishing the whole festive season away and the ‘most wonderful time of the year’ can soon feel anything but. 

 Every year you say you’ll do things differently next time, knowing how ‘too much’ it’s all been. Fast forward 12 months however, and the Christmas burn-out begins all over again. 

Want to do things differently this year instead? It all starts NOW… putting plans and boundaries in place way ahead of the day itself to help you take control, and enjoy every festivity! You might even get your Seventeen Minutes to yourself each day still too! 

So read on for our top tips to help keep your mind in check this Christmas and beyond: 

Know how you want Christmas to look

Before we move on to planning, let’s practice a little visualisation first. You can even close your eyes if you want to! Take time visualising all of the details as well as the lead up to the day itself. Asking yourself these questions as you picture it all… Who do you WANT to spend time with? Where would you like to be 25th December? How can you make it as stress free as possible? Which boundaries do you need to put in place? Which expectations do you need to let go of? Once you’re ready- write it all down, making it as detailed as possible. You now have a blue print to work from. Yes there may be some compromise along the way, but why not try make this version of Christmas as real as possible. 

Plan as early as you can

Now you know how you would love it all to look, it’s time to plan it all out! Looking at social events, who to visit and when, what you need to buy etc… keeping the boundaries you’ve already put in place the best you can. Next up, to break it down week by week. We’ve just launched a self care planner perfect for mapping out your week and making time for you. We know how easy it can be to make time for allll the things you need to do, and all the people you need to see… leaving time for you at the bottom of the list. Our tip is to plan it all out- from set events to your weekly routine. Keeping your mental health in check all the way through. 

Make it more than just one day

Christmas needn’t be just 25th December, why not spread festivities across a few days instead… especially if attempting to fit both sides of the family (or more than two families) in too. It might feel tempting to fit even more visiting in this year after the Christmas we didn’t really have last year… setting boundaries in place from the word go will help you to feel more in control, looking forward to doing things instead of feeling overwhelmed. 

Get Support

We may think we’re super human but- really- we simply cannot do it all. Asking for support- whether childcare, splitting your to do list, hiring help if possible (or free help by giving children the ‘privilege’ of wrapping presents!)… anything to take the pressure off. Leaving more time for- you guessed it- you! Oh and family and friends (on your terms) too. 

Make a list

Not another ‘to do’ list, but a ‘would love to do’ list instead – a list of self care activities just for you. Which activities relax you? What makes you feel good? Creating your very own wellbeing kit which you can turn to whenever you need it.

Need inspiration? Why not sign up to receive our emails and/ or follow us on social media where we post and send self care prompts and activities – which take just seventeen minutes – for you to try. You can sign up, and find our socials at the bottom of the page.


If the lead up to Christmas still begins to feel too much, then it’s time to hit the pause button and reset. Whether taking a few deep breaths, enjoying a mindful moment to yourself or re-jigging your plans altogether… checking in with how you feel, and tweaking or changing things if needed. 

Our top tip is to make time (Seventeen Minutes?) for yourself every single day, plus to block extra time as Christmas approaches too. Plan a day to take an unscheduled trip out with a friend or book yourself into a spa – something that takes you away from work, home and anything too festive!

Head Outdoors

Fresh air can work wonders for headspace and for your wellbeing, so wrap up warm and out into the great outdoors you go! Winter walks, festive trails, even popping out for a quick stroll on your lunch break, or just leaving the house… Take deep breaths, boost your mood and good for moving your body too. 

Less screen time

We LOVE Christmas TV in our house, but too much screen time definitely makes us a little angsty! Plus it can be so easy to compare to others on social media too… their seemingly perfect Christmas soon making you feel a little flat in comparison. Time to unplug, and focus on creating the perfect Christmas for you. 

Make your wellbeing a priority in the lead up to Christmas

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