I’ll be there for you

I'll be there for you

We may still not be seeing our friends as often as we used to or would like to (restrictions, distance, work, kids activities, life!) but we can still be there for each other no matter what. Whether texting to say a quick hi, getting deep and meaningful, planning a meet up or girls night in (or out), having a quick rant about our other half or our children’s unruly antics ORRR simply saying we’re here… friends are definitely the glue that holds our crazy adulting and parenting lives together! Which is why we’re going full on Galentine’s instead of Valentine’s this February here at Seventeen Minutes- we’d love you to join in too! Do join us over on Facebook and Instagram where we’ll be celebrating our girl gangs and besties in style!

Friendship isn’t just something we love in our own lives, it’s something we seem to love to see on screen too… Sex and the City the first time round, ‘Just Like That’ here in the present, and let’s not forget THE programme of the 90’s/ Noughties and every single decade- on catch up- since! There’s been talk of the show not ageing very well but we still can’t help but have a soft spot for Friends, which got us thinking…

We’ve done our own write up for each of the main characters in terms of friendship style, have a read and see who you identify the most…

Chandler- You love making your friends laugh, in fact they would worry if you were being too serious! You’re quick witted and sarcastic, and they love it! Whether sending memes and gifs via Whatsapp or being quick witted in person, you’re here to lighten the mood whilst being there when needed too.

Ross- You’re affectionate and love to make or send small (or grand!) gestures… giving gifts and/ or organising surprises is totally your thing. You can be a bit obsessive in your planning at times yet it’s always from a place of love!

Phoebe- You’re a bit ditzy and all over the place at times (aren’t we all?) but you’re always there when your friends need you. You’re quirky, creative and always have a story to tell… making you sociable and great fun too!

Rachel- Aside from your amazing hair (admit it, we all wanted that hairstyle!), you’re most known for speaking your mind. You’re a big softy yet can always be relied on to say it as it is… a true friend for life!

Joey- You love food, and you’re always first to a party… we all need a friend like this! You love getting the girls together for a night in or out, as long as it involves food plus a glass or two of something too.

Monica- One word…. Organised! You need everything to be as it should be, planning your day/ week/ life within an inch of its life! You are most likely to be the one who makes plans and want everyone to stick to it. You possibly (probably) drive your friends mad with how organised you are… yet they love you for it too!

I'll be there for you

Which friend are you like the most? I’d have to say I think I’m most Phoebe (with a bit of Monica for my alter ego), which makes John my Joey (not sure he would agree!)… my main friendship trait being that while I do like to talk, I’m a good listener too and will do anything for my friends.

Whatever your style of friendship, one thing’s for sure… friends really are there for you (we had to get it in), which makes us all even more amazing. Not only do we juggle everything within our immediate family, work and/ or home life, we also make time for others too. Good times, not so good times, mundane times, highs, lows or full on heartbreak… we’re here for it all!

Want to treat your BFF?

Check out our new Be My Galentine box – the perfect letterbox gift to make your bestie smile.

Whether she’s found her Chandler and will be expecting romance on February 14th. Or maybe, like Ross, has made a few bad choices and is still searching for their Rachel.

Either way this treat is perfect to remind them that you’ll always be there for them.

I'll be there for you
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