Behind the brand…meet Francesca, founder of the HappySelf Journal

Behind the Francesca, founder of the HappySelf Journal

As a mum of a 7 and 11-year-old, Francesca was getting increasingly frustrated at the press constantly telling us kids are growing up stressed and that mental health issues were on the rise. So she created The HappySelf Journal, a daily journal that keeps kids engaged and develops important habits that will set them up for life. 

Lockdown life. It’s hard.

Lockdown life. It's hard.

I’m finding parts of lockdown life hard. We all do, I’m sure. We’re human. We have good days and bad days, we have mood swings, we find our kids annoying sometimes and we feel scared about the future. Full-time family life is utterly exhausting and draining. Sometimes, I just don’t want to hear another ‘mummy, mummy’.

How much sex are we really having?

How much sex are we really having?

Sex! We’re all at it like rabbits aren’t we? There’s candles dotted around the bedroom, perfectly chilled Prosecco in our hands and we’re both ready for a long night of hot passionate sex. Or not. Let’s face it, we’ve got kids now. The days of steamy sex sessions are long gone and sex has unfortunately dropped to the lower end of the priority list. 

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