A big (overdue) hello…

A big (overdue) hello...

Ok, let’s get this show back on the road! Or more, this blog back online. Not quite as catchy though!

It’s been almost a year since Seventeen Minute’s last blog post was published, and there has been some big changes since then. Not so much in our mission or products, more a change in who’s in charge (Kate, obvs. Although John may disagree… you can decide when you’ve read our introductions below).

Let’s backtrack a little and begin by saying an official hello as the new owners of Seventeen Minutes. We have said hello on Instagram and Facebook (how rude would that be if we hadn’t?), but as we’re bringing this blog back to life, we need to say hello here too!

So… Hi! We’re Kate and John, a husband and wife team from and based in Bolton, Lancashire. We have a young daughter and we do this all for her. We took over the reins from Sara back in July of this year and she’s currently in the process of moving to Australia! We have loved welcoming Seventeen Minutes into our growing collection of memory making businesses. We also run A Year of Dates, which we setup 5 years ago, and Bride To Be Boxes too (we did say we had a collection!).

All 3 businesses go hand in hand- covering all of life’s moments and memories between them. If you need a unique gift for a birthday, retirement, Christmas, Valentines – or any other occasion; perhaps a thank you, thinking of you or simply a hug in a box you’d like to send – then chances are, we’ve got it covered!

We’ll be sharing more from our family of brands over time, and bringing some of the ideas from them into Seventeen Minutes, but let’s start by introducing ourselves!


  1. We met on an online dating site… We’re not saying which one, it’s too embarrassing!
  2. We’ve been married for 8 years
  3. We’ve been dating for 12 years
  4. John gives the best presents
  5. A Year of Dates started from a Christmas gift from John to Kate
  6. Kate is the cook, because she won’t let John even try
  7. Kate has never seen Star Wars
  8. John played Tuba in the school brass band
  9. Kate used to live in Cornwall
  10. We love dance music
  11. We’ve travelled to New York, Amsterdam and Ibiza for the music
  12. John hates rice
  13. We got engaged watching the sunset, it’s the best time of day
  14. We both trust each others instinct and go with our gut a lot (that’s how we ended up with 3 businesses!)
  15. Our instinct rarely lets us down
  16. We make a great team
  17. We need to date more!

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